5 easy ways to get your kids to sleep on Christmas Eve and one major no no

As Christmas Eve nears, and if your household is anything like mine used to be, the excitement levels are at an all time high.

We were always involved in nativity plays, end of year Christmas parties, functions and on top of that searching for gifts, buying and preparing food, working out who and what was happening on Christmas day and the list goes on. I mean when you think about it, it was many years of craziness. But the kids loved it.

Sadly to say I know that not every child has this experience and I hope that perhaps there is some fun, love and hope in my stories that might help those less fortunate.

Life for me now is so much simpler as my family has grown up.   I found myself over the last few weeks talking to younger parents in my clinic about how they cope around this time of year to see if anything has changed.

Apart from technology and that feeling we all have, of everything moving a way lot faster, the same strategies seem to still run true. So what can you do to get your kids to sleep on Christmas Eve

1. The first key thing is to continue your routine. If bedtime is at 7.30 then that’s when they should still go to bed. If they have a sleep during the day continue that.  Routine is king

2. Turn the technology off early in the evening

3. Make sure they are active during the day and have had some outside time if the weather permit.

4. Do something special like set up some food for Santa and the Reindeer if your kids are into this.  One tactic I always used that works a treat.  I explained to the kids that Santa waits until all the kids in the house are asleep before he comes.

5. Finally when they are in bed introduce them to some calming activities, read them a story, listen to music, listen to my new bedtime story on the app together

One thing to AVOID – sugary drinks and sugar loaded foods – the only year my plan above was derailed was because of sugar!!

Merry Christmas



how to get kids to sleep on christmas eve