Random Acts of Kindness

How do we change the world?  One random act of kindness at a time

As the pressure builds; parties, get-togethers, too much food, too much alcohol, planning for xmas day, shopping frenzy, organising work so you can take a break, stressed about family coming together, anxious about being on your own etc etc – Is it all too much?  Why do we get tied up in this stress induced race every year and are we actually missing the point of what Christmas is all about?

There has been a lot in the Australian media about the increased number of people sleeping on the streets, about the people, many of them kids, who go hungry every day.  If, like me, when you hear or read these stories it pulls at your heartstrings then read on.

Is there something that you can do to give back in a simple yet profound way to help someone whose Christmas may not be anything like yours?

There are so many small things we can do and a couple of things that come to mind just off the top of my head are :

-donating a present for a kid and placing it under the Kmart Christmas tree.  Find a retail store in your countrythat do a similar thing

-visit someone in hospital even if you don’t know them

-donate to an appeal like the one going at the ABC Queensland called Gives (they provides meals to people in need) check what appeals you can support in your state or country

Buy a cap to support Carrie Bickmore, recent presenter on the Project, Channel 10 Australia in her massive push to raise money for brain cancer.  Look at what is happening in your part of the world that you can support.

-Check in on a neighbour

-Invite someone you know will be on their own to share your Christmas Day

As I was doing some research on this topic I found that one of the top random acts of kindness that most people love is to get is a hand written note in the mail!

Not an email but a handwritten message delivered by a postie.  I wonder how many of you reading this would agree.  I love it when the postie brings me mail (as long as its not a bill) and how excited I am when that courier arrives with my latest amazon purchase, same thing.  Having something tangible to touch and see is actually, in my mind, quite special in our high tech world.

I always remember growing up that my Mum used to leave my sister and I random “love” notes around the house.  It might be after a night out and there was a note on my bed sending me a goodnight kiss or if I was off on holiday I would find one in my suitcase.  Whenever she came to visit me after I moved out she would leave several notes around the house for me to find after she left.  I can’t explain in words how much that meant to me.  A little handwritten note of kindness.

So as we move into the festive season here’s what to expect when you open your heart to another:

  • Believe it or not you have the power to change someone’s life for the better by carrying out a random act of kindness. You may simply intervene and lift their spirits or you might change their whole way of thinking. My mum used to do so many little things like this that I took for granted whilst I was growing up but now realise what a beautiful soul she was and how much these kind acts have helped to mould the person I am today.
  • It changes your whole take on life and your mood when you show kindness to someone else. There is no doubt that the person giving the random act of kindness reaps as much joy and pleasure as the receiver. You will never feel bad about saying something kind to a stranger, nor will you ever feel bad about receiving positive, kind and heartfelt words from someone you don’t know. In fact we all know that it absolutely makes our day.
  • The Laws of Attraction prevail if you extend love, compassion and kindness out into the Universe, watch it return to you in leaps and bounds.

Now what are you waiting for, how do we change the world? Answer – one random act of kindness at a time.

For any questions or comments email me at Sleep for Kids app or MindOverMatter clinic

I hope you and your family have a great Christmas and that your New Year is full of health and happiness.

Big hugs and best wishes,