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Sleep for Kids is the brain child of Elaine Martin and is a relaunch of the app called Elaine Martin Kids Hypnosis. Elaine has been working with children for over 13 years and provides support and guidance to kids who struggle with mental health and well-being problems from her Brisbane clinic.

Many kids find themselves struggling with their emotions without understanding why they feel the way they do and with little understanding on how to change things. Many parents bring their kids to see Elaine to help them learn coping skills and to provide them with ways to reduce fears, manage anxieties, build confidence etc. The app is Elaine’s way of reaching out to all those kids and parents as the first step in helping them navigate through the myriad of emotional ups and downs.

The fact that all the stores include suggestions for sleep means that by helping the child move into a state of calm relaxation together with a feel good story, bedtime becomes a more pleasant experience for both parent and child.

Often with continued listening the parent may notice changes in the way the child thinks, feel and behaves as they start to feel better about themselves.

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Elaine Martin

Hi my name is Elaine Martin.  I am a qualified Psychotherapist, writer, YouTuber, app creator and a mum.

After a successful career in Human Resources I embarked on a new challenge and after completing studies in Psychotherapy I started my business MindOverMatter in 2009.  The business grew steadily over the years and helping my clients overcome anxiety and fear became my main speciality.  I also found that more and more children were presenting at the clinic with all sorts of emotional issues.   It was clear that a different approach was needed when dealing with kids and that creating personalised stories with embedded suggestions for change often made a huge difference in helping them overcome their problems.

For many years the stories I created were used mainly within the clinic environment.  However in 2018 I decided to create a Youtube channel, Elaine Martin Kids Hypnosis and share these stories with the world.  It was apparent that in almost all cases involving kids, sleep was a major problem.  Either getting to sleep or waking up in the night.  Because good quality sleep is critical to the growth and development of kids I decided that every story I wrote would include suggestions for sleep. 

My youtube channel now has close to 32,000 subscribers and has had over 8 million views. 

The idea of creating an app came from the parents and carers who had concerns about safety and security when allowing their kids to use social media platforms.  We started plans to develop the Elaine Martin Kids Hypnosis App back in 2019.  In 2020 we made the decision to take the app to the next level and it has now been restyled and remodelled with many new features. We have renamed the app – Sleep for Kids.  The new App has the same simple message and that is “to help kids sleep”

These days I spend a couple of days a week in clinic and a couple of days writing, creating new content and running my businesses.

I live in Brisbane, Australia with my husband, son and our dog Charlie (Monty).  In my spare time I love oil painting, staying fit, exploring new places and being around family and friends.

elaine martin sleep for kids app

Sleep for Kids app

how it helps

The stories are all written and narrated by Elaine Martin.  

Helps to increase quality sleep time
helps to increase

quality Sleep Time

Without good quality sleep kids can becomes moody and struggle to focus and  concentrate.  Often other issues that may present in daytime hours can be better managed if the child is getting good quality sleep.  All stories in the app have embedded suggestions for sleep within so the kids falls asleep easily and effortlessly. Each story should be listened to multiple times to reap the benefits, at least 7 times.  Elaine also helps the child connect to their breathing and shows them how to relax their muscles and it’s not long before sleep comes easily.

Helps to reduce anxiety
helps to reduce


Anxiety is often a response to an unknown threat. It’s the minds interpretation of a possible or perceived danger and the repetition of this scenario is what causes a build up of anxiety. The stories normally focus on the anxiety of others, mainly animals who have a similar problem to the child to create a state of disassociation.  Working on the subconscious part of the mind, Elaine provides suggestion which help to reduce irritability, frustration and confusion which then allows the mind and body to move into a calmer state.

Helps to increase self confidence
helps to increase

Self Confidence

Life for kids growing up is often not easy and kids can find themselves being picked on or put down resulting in them feeling inadequate or not good enough.  In this category the stories are created around animals or mystical creatures who find themselves struggling with self esteem or low confidence issues.  The stories focus on building resilience, optimism and self belief.  By finding ways to overcome obstacles and solve problems the child starts to feel empowered.  Typically stress reduces and confidence increases.

Helps to reduce fear
helps to reduce


The difference between fear and anxiety often gets confused.  Fear is an emotional response to a definite threat.  Fear is very real and examples for kids would be fear of dogs, needles, the dark etc.  Fear and anxiety are interrelated and when faced with fear most people will respond in the same way an anxious person responds.  By creating stories about comfort, love and safety this provides the child with ways of settling down and connecting to feelings of relaxation and calm.


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Sleep for Kids app

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Elaine Martin from Mind Over Matter Therapy

Sleep for Kids is the brain child of Elaine Martin and is a relaunch of the app called Elaine Martin Kids Hypnosis.

Elaine has been working with children for over 13 years.  She providing support and guidance to kids who struggle with mental health and well-being problems from her Brisbane clinic.

Her Youtube channel has over 31,000- subscribers and just over 7.7 million views. More information about Elaine in the bio.

Sleep helps development and growth of both the mind and body.

Sleep is so important when you are young because it helps promote the development and growth of both the mind and body. Many kids sleep for long hours but often the quality of sleep is not great and they wake feeling tired and grumpy.

Getting better quality sleep ensures that the child is getting enough REM/Restorative sleep which is paramount for a child in those early years. During this deeper sleep the brain activity increases. It also enables the ability to dream and its during this phase that memories are consolidated which in turn promotes learning.

Finally deeper sleep helps with mood so the child awakes feeling refreshed and energised. These stories are written to help your child to move into this deeper level of sleep.

They key to change is repetition and reinforcement.

These bedtime stories are very powerful and effective by using a mix of metaphor, visualisation and embedded suggestions complimented by soft music and/or nature sounds.

I use Guided Meditation and Hypnosis in a similar way as I tap into the child’s imagination and often relate stories about animals or fantasy characters. Because the suggestions are gently embedded within the story often change just happens.

Apart from the incredible feeling of being relaxed, calm and at peace that often comes with being in a deep relaxed state, which benefits both the mind and body, the stories have been created to also appeal to a child’s sense of fun and adventure.

Once you have chosen a story get the child to listen for a minimum of 7 times to the same story.

They key to change is repetition and reinforcement. Each story is filled with embedded suggestions for change and only by listening multiple times will the child get the maximum benefit from a story. There may be stories your child does not enjoy and that’s fine. If that’s the case find one they enjoy and then get them to listen at least 7 times in a row.

If they fall asleep before the end that’s also fine just replay the story the next night.

The subconscious mind will pick out of the story what it needs.

We cater for a number of different problems associated with bad sleep.

You are a parent or carer and your child is struggling to sleep and you need help. Sleep for Kids is so easy to use. 

  • You choose an age group,
  • a category
  • and a story. It’s that easy.

All stories have suggestions for sleep within them to encourage deep sleep.

Our new look app is easy to use, and has exciting new content and stories.

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