ADHD - Not Just a Kids Problem

Since the start of the pandemic I have seen a significant increase in those presenting with diagnosed ADHD, in both adults and kids.

I do not profess to be an expert on the what’s and hows of ADHD but I know that many of the treatments I use in the clinic seem to help manage this disorder and provide some relief.

I would like to refer you to an article in Medical New Today which is a good explanation of what it is and some of the recent research on Adult ADHD. 

The interesting thing is that in the past ADHD was seen as a disorder mainly in kids but more recent research indicates that many adults are being diagnosed later in life and most people who have it as kids continue to live with it for their entire adult lives.  

During my discussions with parents and carers of ADHD kids there appear to be a feeling that there is lack of understanding across many sectors including some healthcare professionals who will often put it in the too hard basket.  Maybe that’s why I see a lot of kids with ADHD. 

In my experience the key component in almost all cases of ADHD in both adults and kids is their inability to control what they pay attention to.  This is a very simple definition and I know there is a lot more to it but this in the one key thing I believe they all struggle with.

The pandemic has caused a number of mental health challenges for many people with CHANGE being cited as one of the top concerns.  Whether it is a change in what we can and can’t do,  where we can go, who we interact with,  how we learn, the ADHD kids want stability and certainty and without this there can be behavioural problems, sleep issues, anxiety and sometimes irrational fears

Although many of kids grapple with online learning ADHD Kids really struggle and there are several studies that reported the top three concerns being social isolation, boredom and loneliness which can lead to higher anxiety and of course sleep problems.

So how can hypnotherapy help?

One of the key things I focus on in the clinic is providing simple techniques and tools to help the child relax their body and calm their mind resulting in better sleep, reduced anxiety and stress.  I work holistically with the individual and this appears to work well with those struggling with ADHD.  By helping them connect to their inner deeper mind I provide suggestions that bypass the conscious logical analytical mind.  This means that the child experiences a very easy process where they choose subconsciously the suggestions they want and discard those they don’t.  Remember that kids are already in a light trance state all the time so their type of therapy is so easy for them and often has great results.

My Sleep for Kids App is totally dedicated to helping kids, from baby to teens, to get better quality sleep.  It is well documented that poor quality sleep can exacerbate ADHD symptoms in kids. 

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