5 Simple Ways to Defuse Anger 5 simple way to defuse anger Have you found yourself getting a little more irritated when things don’t go according to plan, frustrated as you fight your way through the traffic, annoyed when things don’t get done your way.  Is your way of handing this to shout at the [...]
Top 7 Tips for Parents of Picky Eaters 7 Top Tips for Parents of Picky Eaters Picky Eating in kids is becoming more and more of an issue and I often see frustrated parents in my clinic worried about their kids getting enough nutrition.  It is a well known fact that after the rapid growth [...]
Want Less Stress? Get a dog and reap the benefits Want less stress, get a dog and reap the benefits After 6 months without having a 4 legged furry friend in my home I have to say that I really felt the effects of his absence, things stressed me out more,  I found excuses to [...]
Random Acts of Kindness How do we change the world?  One random act of kindness at a time As the pressure builds; parties, get-togethers, too much food, too much alcohol, planning for xmas day, shopping frenzy, organising work so you can take a break, stressed about family coming together, anxious about being on your own [...]
Earphones for Hypnosis/Meditation - Pros and Cons Starting the day by listening to hypnosis/meditation can be one of the most effective things you can do to help you to move into a state of mental tranquility.  When you take the time to calm the mind and relax the body by meditating you can then find [...]
4 Foolproof Tips to Master Public Speaking (kids and adults) 4 Foolproof Tips to Master Public Speaking (kids and adults)   Public speaking or performing in front of others continues to be the number one fear with research estimating that around 72% of the population struggle with this fear. Close behind is acrophobia (a fear [...]
Body Battery produces great results using Sleep for Kids App Body Battery produces great results using Sleep for Kids App Recently a client, Rob B, whom I had seen a few years ago contacted me to tell me he was struggling to sleep and felt quite run down.  He told me that his Doctor suggested [...]
Sleep you way to better mental health As most of your know my main focus both on the app and in clinic is to help both adults and kids improve the quality of their sleep.  This has always been a focus area at MindOverMatter as improved sleep quality always has a significant impact on the [...]
3 Foolproof ways to destroy your kids self esteem and how not to! I remember when my youngest son first started rowing many years ago.  He was excited, motivated and hungry to win.  This might have been something to do with his brother who was a champion rower.  Regardless of what motivated him he was [...]
ADHD - Not Just a Kids Problem Since the start of the pandemic I have seen a significant increase in those presenting with diagnosed ADHD, in both adults and kids. I do not profess to be an expert on the what’s and hows of ADHD but I know that many of the treatments I use [...]