Earphones for Hypnosis/Meditation - Pros and Cons

Starting the day by listening to hypnosis/meditation can be one of the most effective things you can do to help you to move into a state of mental tranquility.  When you take the time to calm the mind and relax the body by meditating you can then find yourself moving toward a state where you feel more motivated, energised and refreshed as you start your day.

Often, we find ourselves exhausted and anxious due to the stress many of us face in our daily lives. Many studies now show that moving into a trance or meditative state may help reduce this anxiety and tension and help you to take some mental time out.

To get the most benefit out of hypnosis or meditation it is always helpful to find a peaceful place where you feel safe and comfortable and where you will not be disturbed. 

To improve the quality of the hypnosis/meditation I always recommend using good quality earphones/earbuds which can really help to enhance the experience.  Although you can always listen via the speakers on your phone and iPad the earphones just add that extra dimension.

Let’s now examine in further detail how using earphones when meditating works, as well as any pros and cons.

The Pros

When you are in a trance state or meditating, earphones can help you block out distracting noises and quickly shut off the outside world, making your surroundings more conducive to being able to deepen the experience.

A good reason to use earphones while meditating is that you can be completely focused on the voice, the words and the music and this is really helpful if you are a beginner. 

Although I have already described the benefits of using earphones while meditating or when using hypnosis, there are also some drawbacks to using earphones for an extended period of time when meditating.

The Cons

In spite of the ease with which earphones make it possible to block out extraneous sounds, if you get used to them, you might find you are unable to do it without them, making it challenging to concentrate during meditation. Although to be totally honest I have never had that problem, I can meditate either way very effectively although my preference is with earphones. 

There is also a thought that focusing occasionally on outside noises can distract the listener.  If you are in a trance or true meditative state then the outside noises will not bother you but the challenge may be getting to that level.

I don’t often suggest that kids use earphones as just getting used to them can be a distraction for them.  Often just having an iPad or phone next to the child is sufficient.

It is also important to make sure your earphones are comfortable as without comfortable earphones you will have difficulty focusing, making your earphones a source of distraction.

Summing Up

My preference is to use earphones because I really like the intensity and my focus is definitely better.  However, I think it’s always worth trying both ways.

The key is getting a pair of good noise-cancelling earphones.

I recently bought *Soundcore by Anker Life P3 Noise Cancelling Earbuds for my trip to Italy earlier in the year and managed to lose them on the plane.  When I got back I decided to buy the same ones again as they were such good quality and a decent price.  

Soundcore by Ankor Life

I have also created some short  15 minute meditations for both adults and kids that can be used any time of the day.  Here are the youtube links –

Smile   (adults and kids)

Relax and Energise  (adults and teens)

Energy Boost  (adults and teens)


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Meditating with earphones